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The Religious Damage to Health

So I’m currently reading the book “Bad Faith: When Religious Belief Undermines Modern Medicine” by Paul A. Offit, M.D.

So far the author presents that he ended up with religion after reading through the Bible. Falls under my theory that M.D.’s as a general rule fall into one of two categories; God Complex or Jesus Jumpers.

That said the stories of kids who died because of religious belief is astonishing. There’s one case of little Matthew whose parents were Christian Scientists. First of all there’s no Christianity of Science in that group of people. It’s essentially chock full of nuts. Anyhow Matthew had bacterial meningitis. Something that antibiotics can handle quite well. But the parents waited twelve days to bring the young child to a doctor. Instead they had other Christian Scientists PRAY over the kid.

The delusion of religion is what really gets me. But the author gives the background to the Christian Science goons – and how medicine was practiced in the early 19th century. Put it this way – medicine back then had no regulation, licensing, etc. If you wanted to call yourself a doctor you could. So it’s no wonder the founder of the Christian Science didn’t trust doctors. But today we can have a bit more confidence that our doctors have learned a thing or two and been tested, licensed etc.

But the religious idiocy lives on. Despicable!

Bryan Fischer is trying to save my soul?

How presumptuous!

First of all Fischer makes a huge error in his ASSUMPTION that hell exists. Through my studies I’ve found what we’ve been sold about the afterlife and hell is only so much hooey.

Second of all I find it highly offensive that he’s worried about my afterlife – if in fact such a thing really exists. I go on the principle that it doesn’t exist, that you get one chance to do it right and that is the end of it.

And lastly – Fischer himself violates a hell of a lot of Biblical proscriptions so I’d make the presumption that his ass isn’t headed for any heaven. Because if hell doesn’t exist, it’s highly probably there’s no such thing as heaven either.