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God Damn it’s colder than a witches tit in a brass bra!

So last night we got something I’ve not seen in a few years – a below zero night.

The place is uninsulated so of course the heating system struggles to keep it at 62F in the house when it’s set for 68F. The bed heater is set for 100F though. So nice and warm.

Right now it’s only 20F. So twelve degrees below freezing. However all this changes as of tomorrow. We get a mix of 40’s and 50’s along with rain. So a lot of the snow will get washed away and melted. Good.

Surprisingly the White Death from the Sky they predicted for the days preceding didn’t come to pass. We got maybe a max of 6 inches of snow. Here’s a little secret, I know how to drive in snow that deep. It’s easy. You do have to slow down though.

And then I remember, in about five weeks we start getting temp spikes in the 50’s, 60’s and up to the 80’s in the middle of February. Then March does it’s usual in like a Lion, out like a Lamb trick. April and through early July is gorgeous.

Governor Chafee is not running for re-election

A little bit disappointed that he’s not running. But then I realized something – Governor Chafee has been a progressive Governor. From my perspective he signed marriage equality into law in Rhode Island. To me that’s a biggie.

They’re talking up Providence Mayor Angel Taveras and Treasurer Gina Riamondo now.

I will say this – both have serious electoral liabilities. The Mayor with unions as he recently had to ask current union member and retired members to swallow drastic cuts in benefits. And Raimondo has played sort of fast and loose with finance in the state. Both of those are enough to dash their hopes.

Plus we’re still over a year out on the campaign. The campaign really doesn’t get into gear until about six months prior in Rhode Island. Next summer would be the time to really start counting the chickens.

Meanwhile in Rhode Island – Marriage Equalty two weeks now

And we’ve heard from Father Brian Sistare, he’s a pastor at a church in Woonsocket who wrote a letter to the legislators who voted for marriage equality that in essence says he’s going to try to unseat them come next election cycle. Good luck with all that.

And then we have Tea Bagger Nut Rep. Doreen Costa who allegedly met with RI Bishop Thomas Tobin and is said to have told him she’s going to lean on everyone who voted for marriage equality too. Again, good luck with that.

So there are some real bigots in the state. I’ve known that for some time. But they lost, their tired arguments just couldn’t be sustained and they knew it too.

The nuptials are planned for late September of next year in Casa Truthspew. Want to slam some money together for a shindig!


A USPS Gripe

So every time we ship a package to Keyron’s mom in North Carolina it’s always hit or miss. For example – the most recent package was shipped on the 17th with an expected date of the 19th. Ok, two days on Priority Mail is not a problem.

And the package flowed just fine through the local post offices. We dropped it at Weybosset Hill Station (02903) at 3:56PM, it processed out through the main Turnkey Station (02904) on the 17th and transited toward Raleigh, NC. But it took 2 days to get to Raleigh? Really?

I don’t think the delay was here in Providence, but I think Raleigh must have delayed processing it. So what should have taken two days took FOUR days. I know the postal service in the south is slow ass anyhow. I recall participating in mail studies. They’d share the results with participants and the southern U.S. always came in DEAD LAST!

But one oddity – it took TWO whole days to get from Providence, RI to Raleigh, NC. Now I know you can drive it in 12 hours. And if it flies there is an airport near Raleigh, RDU. That’s only a couple hours flight time.

So the only theory that springs to mind is that there wasn’t enough mail volume to go from Providence, RI to Columbia, NC (via Raleigh, NC).

And then I pondered more and realized – when we’d shipped before and it got there in 2 or 3 days it was always around major holidays like Christmas, or Mothers Day, etc. So the mail volume to points far had to be up there. But ship in a seasonal lull and be prepared to wait.


Congratulations Minnesota!

Now the Senate has approved equality and it’s on to the Governor’s desk for signing into law. Marriage equality that is. The State of Minnesota becomes the 12th state in the nation, behind Rhode Island and Delaware in granting full equality to all it’s citizens in matters concerning marriage.

It’s a fascinating time. For example, I never thought we’d see equality come to Rhode Island but it did. And then Delaware and now Minnesota! Three states in ten days. How’s that for something that will leave the bigots smarting. And as well they should all have a major case of the sadz! I want to see Brian Brown with tears in his eyes because his bigoted view of the world is rapidly become archaic.


With the RI Senate passage of Marriage Equality I wonder what the bigots think now

For instance, I did email my condolences to Christopher Plante, the head of the RI NOM. I was very nice about it, if maybe a little passive-aggressive but I couldn’t help myself.

And to Bishop Thomas Tobin – must suck to be him right now. His Catholic dogma doesn’t hold sway any longer.

And to his lackeys Rev. Bernard Healey and Rev. John Codega – they must be smarting a bit right now too. Good,

And to the various and sundry retards who testified AGAINST marriage equality, a great big FUCK YOU to all of them. It’s been a long ride and a lot of people deserve the utmost derision.

And Senate President M. Terese Paiva-Weed – she actually allowed the bill to come to a vote. Interesting, I wonder what House Speaker Gordon Fox held over her head in order for her to even let it come to a vote? I’ve long advocated he play hardball with her until she came correct. But alas, even though she allowed the vote she still voted against it so deserves a proper ration of shit for that.

All in all, it took longer than I expected but RI will have true equality in marriage. And the bigots can’t say a damned thing about it now, except to cry over their breakfast toast. I’m waiting to see the photo of NOM’s Brian Brown with tears in his eyes.

Champions of Marriage Equality in the RI House

I’ve already put up the Rogues gallery but I thought it would be a good time to highlight the people who pushed the bill forward:

Speaker Gordon Fox

Judiciary Chair Edith Ajello

Representative Frank Ferri

Representative Christopher Blazejewski

Representative Art Handy

Representative Teresa Tanzi


RI House Judiciary Unanimously Passes Marriage Equality Bill

This is interesting. Kudos to Speaker Fox for finally growing a pair. It took you a long time Gordon but nice to see the stars aligning.

Now I know there is one Tea Bagger on the committee – one Rep. Doreen Costa. But even she voted for it. That is remarkable. And a big thank you to Chair Edith Ajello. She’s long been in our camp but just came to the chair a couple years back.

Now on to a house vote. The bill has 42 co-sponsors of the 75 member body. That’s a full 56% of the body and I suspect the passage in the house will go even higher. Now it’s up to Senate President M. Terese Pavia-Weed to let it vote in the committee and schedule it for a senate vote.