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Sage works now

So when I had upgraded to Firefox 22 I noticed the Sage 1.4 didn’t work. The solution as it was, was to download Sage 1.5. The issue I ran into was that the update button on the Sage sidebar didn’t work. You could click it until you were blue in the face.

Then I realized it would update the feeds when you restarted the browser. Still, this is clunky.

A day or two ago I noted it all worked.  So I looked at the version identifier was 1.5.1 – it got updated. Now the update button works, and in the feed listing you know have mark all as read/unread.

So all is once again functional. I know I had seen submissions to their bugtracker site identifying the issue so it wouldn’t be too long before they fixed the problem.

Sage 1.5.1 on Firefox 22 Adendum

Well, silly me. I had to hit refresh in older versions of Sage but in 1.5.1 it automatically does periodic scans for feeds. Nice!

Should I get bored I’ll just go look at the add-in files and see how they did it and maybe fix the update button in the process.