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Made a real Paella tonight

So I had to try. It’s this recipe:

The only difference I couldn’t get frozen peas – had to use canned. I drained them off and mixed them in. Again no photos – we were hungry. But it turned out spectacularly. This time I used low sodium chicken stock, and real Arborio rice. Plus this time around I had julienne red bell pepper.

The process is to saute the shrimp shells and then add the stock and simmer for 20 minutes.

Strain out the shells and set the stock aside. Heat an oven to 375F to 400F – your oven may vary.

Slice up your favorite sausageĀ  – I used the hot sausage from Trader Joe’s but all you need is two links sliced up. Heat some olive oil in a large pan and cook the sausage in that oil. Then add some chopped onion, let that soften for about three minutes and then garlic and finally the Arborio rice. Get it well coated with that flavorful oil. Then in goes the reserved stock. Layer the shrimp over the top and lay out the julienne peppers and into that hot oven for 20 minutes. In my case it was fully cooked when it came out and the shrimp wasn’t tough – it was tasty.

And the thing about this dish, I did not add any salt whatsoever. But it was flavorful – I got the spiciness from the sausage, the sweetness of the shrimp and the pepper. It was awesome. You should give it a try.

Food Porn Time Again

So I follow The Joy of Baking on YouTube. A while back she’d posted this recipe. I made it and they came out well though the potato didn’t brown as well as in the video below. Might be the Trader Joe’s potatoes.

So now I made them again – this time a bit more butter in the potatoes and they brown beautifully. And this time around I used a mushroom/onion/garlic/sausage stuffing instead of peppers, onions, ham. And I didn’t use grated cheese – instead I used cheddar.

They look like this from the side. Pure deliciousness. I’m serious – make them for yourself and let me know how you like them.


I love how you can see the cracked salt and pepper in the photo. Plus that golden ring and the lightly browned potatoes. And the yolk mixed into the stuffing plus the yolks being left a bit on the runny side when the eggs set on top. Oh it’s delicious.