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MetroPCS Service outage again

This is getting to be a recurrent theme with MetroPCS.

This morning Keyron asked me to call his phone because he didn’t think it was working. Lo and behold mine wasn’t either.

The funny part – last time it was voice and net that went out but SMS worked. Now voice and SMS are out but on my phone net service works just fine. I can access the web, facebook, etc. without issues.

I’ve gone through the rigamarole with their tech support – But like it or not, this now impacts both their 4G and 1X networks in Providence. None of this happened before they got bought out by T-Mobil. Once that happened they got to do network upgrades except that it breaks some older firmware on phones.

I think my next action is to file TWO FCC complaints – one for each phone that lacks any voice service. That seems to have lit the proverbial fire under their posterior last time. While there’s not much regulation on mobile phones, there are still fines if one cannot access E-911 services.

MetroPCS says 4G service will return real soon now

So I got a voicemail and text message saying to bring my phone in again. Brought it in, they can’t do anything to it. But they do say Metro is well aware of the issue, that some 10 minutes before I got to the store they got an email that this issue impacts the Samsung Indulge SCH-R910 only. They also say they’re working diligently and to take the customers information and 4G service should return soon.

I have a sneaking suspicion the next notice I get will be that they’ll give me my choice of phone. Because since this only the Samsung Indulge SCH-R910 having the problem, then maybe they should just give us all the Samsung Exhibit which is roughly equivalent. Or a Galaxy S III or IV would do nicely too.

Because it’s now been a full week that I have had NO VOICE SERVICE whatsoever. Net service came on just long enough for me to get my contacts and about 85% of my apps back before it too crapped out.

I’m considering filing an FCC complaint. That usually lights fires under someones ass.