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Yet another reason to hate Cox Communications

Here I am, paying through the nose for phone, net and TV with HBO. So a cox mailer comes in and it says “Pay only $79.99 or more.” But here’s the kicker – I’m paying $15 a month for HBO (I checked an old bill from 7 years ago, it was $5 then!). But the package they are offering to new customers – INCLUDES free HBO for two years. Ut si!

And I found out something else – cox outbound SMTP – if you send a certain volume of email – it blocks port 25 for three hours. So no bulk mailing. Well you can, but you can get about 1,500 emails out in about an hours time, then you get shut off for three hours. So it now effectively takes 4 hours to do 1,500 emails – or if we extrapolate because I know we’re queuing up a little over 20,000 emails. 

But fortunately to the rescue – Bluehost has SSL secured tunnels to their SMTP side. Glory be!

It’s funny – I was asked what would it take to get Cox to allow bulk email for a political campaign? I’ll tell you, pay a few hundred a month for their business class service. And where the campaign is located there is NO choice – it’s Cox or nothing.


But like I said, we figured end run around that one.

It’s funny – but Cox has a devil may care attitude about it’s long time customers. Part of it is because they KNOW you’re locked in. In my case I’ve got a total of two choices – Cox or Verizon. And in my case I have a burning hatred of Verizon to begin with. But Cox doesn’t offer any customer loyalty bonus, nothing. They’ve been overcharging me for years. I think they owe me a little bit back.

RIPTA could learn a thing or two from MBTA

Ok, so tonight RIPTA once again managed to piss me off. The MBTA train ride home wasn’t bad. But it was cold and rainy. I happened to have one ride left on my 15-ride card.

So I walked down to Kennedy Plaza, checked the RIPTA web site on my phone and found the #28 bus would be there in < 5 minutes. Cool!

And as is wont to happen when RIPTA is involved – the bus NEVER came. It was supposed to be there at 6:26PM. By 6:36 no bus. I decided to walk, and deliberately walked the path the bus runs. No bus.

Now to contrast – I’ve been taking the MBTA Providence Line commuter and then the Green Line for a few weeks now. They’re both ON TIME nearly every single time. Granted, I know this is Apples to Oranges because in both cases the MBTA vehicles travel on dedicated track.

But it’s worse – a private shuttle gets me from the train stop on the Green Line to my office. That shuttle is ALWAYS on time too. And I note you can pretty much set your watch by the MBTA’s #59 bus. Just as I’m coming up the ramp from the station that bus is always just taking off. It’s funny how they know how to keep a schedule yet RIPTA seems incapable of keeping a schedule, unless it’s on their vaunted R-Line (Formerly the #11 and #99 bus).

The other joke – RIPTA did traffic and ridership studies. Turns out I live on the 2nd busiest route of their entire system. Yet they can’t seem to get a bus to keep to a schedule.

I’ve ripped into RIPTA before but now that I’m using MBTA services again I have to say it, RIPTA ain’t shit. They can’t even move to build a streetcar line. The project is completely stalled for over a year now. And of course they dipshitedly decided to plunk the first line between the hospital complex on the south side and Brown University on the east side.

The above despite studies that have said, when you build a line into an economically depressed area it suddenly starts climbing out of the depression. But no, RIPTA and their ‘experts’ chose to link two already well established areas. Fucking nitwits.

I’m thinking maybe we should scrap RIPTA entirely and invite the MBTA to take it over lock, stock and fucking barrel.