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Outlook – the worst email app out there

So I have to use Outlook 10 at work. It’s hideous.

And more to the point I find myself using OWA a lot when I’m not in the office. When you do attachments it trys to remind you to install Silverlight if you want to keep typing while attaching files.

As I’ve said before, Silverlight is a flaming piece of excrement. Ever since making Chrome my main browser (Though if I want to use OWA I have to use Internet Exploder.) I didn’t install Silverlight because all the video sites work just fine in Chrome via h.264 etc. Even Netflix who has gotten a heap of shit from me for choosing Silverlight in the past.

But just on Outlook in general – it’s clunky, slow and painful to use. Microsoft has really dropped the ball.

Something I’ve noticed about Netflix and Silverlight

The CPU misbehavior of Microsoft Silverlight seems to be sensitive to time of day.  I say this because earlier in the day I watched a video on Netflix and Silverlight behaved well. Didn’t have to kill it once.

But when it gets dark outside – after about 9PM I note Netflix and Silverlight start consuming CPU. So this leads me to believe network latency affects the Silverlight player. It probably doesn’t buffer well. Typical Microsoft shit application.

A comment I made on the Official Netflix Blog

So I was googling around trying to find out how to tame the wicked memory leak in Microsoft Silverlight.

Here’s a little video evidence of the leakage:

So anyhow I found the Official Netflix Blog on Blogger of all places. And I posted this comment in response to this post because if Netflix is brave enough to try and blame other thing I thought I should really tell em’ how pissed I am.

Your decision to use Silverlight really, really, really pissed me off.

Why? Because I’ve watched Silverlight consume almost 100% of my physical memory over time.

And that Netflix went with it and now Microsoft has backed away from it, well you made your bed. Eventually I’ll just get pissed off enough, setup an Amazon vid account and tell Netflix to kiss my ass for being so fucking stupid as to embrace a Microsoft product.

More on my Silverlight issues

I emailed Netlfix and asked why they forced us to go to SilverLight, no response as yet.

I also sent this to Microsoft, I wonder if I’ll get a response:

Why did you foist such a piece of crap on the public as Silverlight? Were you trying to kill Flash? Well, I’m not very happy with it, it does stuttering wonders on my older PC. I’ve expressed my displeasure to the team at Netflix too and I figured that you at Microsoft also deserve a ration of shit for such a crap product.

Yes I’m pissed off.