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Enough with the snow and ice

So Friday morning on my way to get the train into Boston I slipped on ice at Broadway and SR7. Landed on my right side – sprained the hell out of the hand and wrist.

So I’m about ready to go see a doc, and then file suit against the city of Providence, RI. Because the spot I slipped on was the CITY’S responsibility to clear, not a private or commercial entity.

And I’ve posted earlier there’s one property near me that never bothered to shovel. That’s 311 Broadway. I even emailed my city councilor, state rep and state senator about it. No response as yet. We’ll see next week.

Snowmagedon II

Well for the second time in not so many days, I guess we got hit by the K storm. To hell with the names in fact use the phonetics. Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, India, Juliette, Kilo, Lima, Mike, November, Oscar, Papa, Quebec, Romeo, Sierra, Tango, Uniform, Victor, Whiskey, X-Ray, Yankee, Zulu.

So this storm would be Kilo, the prior Juliette. You get the idea.

Anyhow going out this morning we had maybe a couple inches of snow on the ground. Easy enough to get to the train station. Train did take off a little later than usual but got into Boston slightly earlier – yeah they boogeyed.

But this evening – the Red Line was slow as shit. Got to South Station with five minutes to run to the commuter for the trip back to Providence. And then we slogged from Boston through to Hyde Park where we sat for 30 or more minutes because the Amtrak trains get signalling priority.

What this says to me is next time I’ll wait until 4:15PM, spend anywhere from $37 to $55 for a Business Class ticket and take that back to Providence. It’s much more comfortable, smoother and faster than the MBTA commuter. And it get priority.

Coming home the train station in Providence was all plowed out, so too the new Blue Cross building and residential towers right down to Memorial Blvd. Nice! Then there was some deep snow – I find running through that easier than walking.

And wonder of wonders – RIPTA was actually running. Made it to stop Victor not a minute or two before the #27 bus pulled up. Nice!

But I’m officially at the point where I hate snow. Hate it. I want to live somewhere that there’s no fucking snow at all or that it’s so rare an inch of it will shut everything down.

Ok – so it got better in Providence

Other than the fact that 311 Broadway and 289 Broadway have sidewalks that aren’t cleared, and I notified my city councilor of that, the sidewalks are in fairly good shape. Amazing.

But the big offender – the City of Providence. I did see that the sidewalks around Waterplace park on Francis street and Finance Way are all cleared. So apparently my email to Councilman Hassett didn’t fall on deaf ears. Good!

And the overpass of Broadway over I-95  – sidewalks are cleared and salted. Imagine. I’ve got city councilors well trained.

But I did see this:

20150128_174359[1] 20150128_174216[1]


As you can see all the islands and medians are completely buried. So I posted these photos on Facebook too and I tagged my city councilor plus shared the pix on his page. Let’s see what the result is tomorrow.

How to track down a snow scofflaw

So I’ve been posting pictures and videos on Facebook and emailing my city councilor the same of sidewalks that haven’t been plowed on just my street. And of course my phone is acting up and I can’t upload videos to anywhere BUT Facebook. Which is REALLY fucking annoying but I digress.

First I had hit ProvPlan’s web site mapper. But the mapper showed no information for the lots in question that had unplowed sidewalks. Weird. Then I did a little experimentation on Google maps. I noted one of the lots abutted a multi unit building so I just dialed street address on Tell street down until I found that building.

Then I hit this site. All I did was plug in the address and I got the owner information. Now being the enterprising sort I do have a copy of the RI Voter Database on my computer. So I looked up the owners and found out that counter to the claims that many property owners are elderly these people are in their 50’s.

So I packaged it all up in an email and sent it to the councilor. No response thus far. But I think I nailed one of the owners. Now to find out who owns the other lot.

Never piss off we savvy folk – we will find you.

Quebec Province Snow

I’ve been reading the blog of Sticky Crows quite often and one thing that he’s been complaining about lately is the amount of snow they’re getting. I think he’ll find the link below rather amusing, since he’s originally a California boy.

So much so that people are coming to blows over snow.

Meanwhile we’ve had a very, very mild winter here in RI. We had four storms that actually dumped snow, and most of that disappeared a day or two later. Temperatures have been higher than usual, January more so than anything. We’ve had several mid to high 50’s and low 60’s days in February, and all in all more rain than snow.

We’ve had some very unusual winters in Rhode Island for the past decade or so. On average there’s been less snow, more rain which means a mean increase in temperature during the winter months. I’m all for that! If this is global warming, bring it on! But I understand the other effects of global warming, like disappearing coastline and then I’m not all for it.

Maybe it’s because I was shorter as a kid but I thought we got a lot more snow. Then of course there was 1996 when we got 120″ of precipitation for the winter season. There was so much snow that they had to dump it in the rivers else there was nowhere else to put it. That’s something I’d never seen them do before. Hell, in seasons past those very same rivers were decked over yet we dealt with the snow just the same.