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Star Trek Reboots on YouTube

There are a fair number of Star Trek reboots on YouTube.

There’s “Star Trek Continues”, “Star Trek Phase II” and “Star Trek: Odyssey” are the ones I’ve found so far.

One them though has a gay couple in it. This was always a blind spot for the creator of the Star Trek series, Gene Rodenberry. There was some hope that Star Trek The Next Generation might include a gay character but it never happened.

I’m glad to see the reboots addressing the issue though. And all of it is on YouTube. In fact I think it’s in Star Trek Phase II you have a human and bajoran same sex couple. Very interesting.

Oh and Star Trek Phase II – it has Captain Kirk’s nephew Peter Kirk as a crew member. And yes, Peter is gay too.

Grand Theft Starship

I’m re-watching Start Trek The Next Generation (ST:TNG) right now. It’s Season 1, Episode 15 titled 11001001 Part 2.

It gets me wondering, does the Federation have any statutes in place for grand theft of a starship? I imagine I’d enjoy a game like that. Don’t get me wrong, I love Grand Theft Auto, I’ll even be forced to buy an XBOX 360 so I can play GTA IV. But one of my favorite things to do in GTA is stealing an aircraft. Actually that’s my second favorite, I enjoy butchering the constabulary. I’ve actually gotten my wanted level up to five stars, and I’ve found ways to keep the cops at bay like hiding under a river underpass. Another fun thing to do is taking out the police helicopter.

But imagine if instead of airplanes and jets, you could steal a starship. Oh the fun you could have. Put it this way, something like the Enterprise is armed to the teeth, imagine the planets you could capture.

Wouldn’t it be fun to mess with the Vulcans? Maybe piss off the Romulans, or even the Klingons. Mmm the fun.