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A strategy to restore sanity – Updated

Some of you probably won’t like what I’m about to say, but think about the consequences.

In an article titled “If Boehner Got Everything He Wanted the Bottom 99% Would Be Out in Food Lines Now”

I have a few comments on this. I’ve seen the little tent cities, and the increase in homeless here in my own city. I’ve watched as governments move to cover it all up lest people get irked by a society that cannot take care of ALL its citizens.

But the Lamestream (An appropriate reference to the mainstream corporate media!) media doesn’t report it, most of us never know about it lest we see it with our own eyes. The reason I call them lame is because the ‘news’ they report is really nothing of the sort.

But it’s true that if we don’t increase revenue this country is headed down an unsure path. I also love how the S&P report calls out the Republican obstinacy in their report on downgrading the U.S. debt rating.

The article does make an interesting observation though. It’s the Tea Baggers that are causing Boehner to tack to the extreme right.

Note my use of the term “Tea Bagger”. I mean it. In fact they meant it too, as evidence:

Tea Bagger and tea bags

I refuse to call them anything but Tea Bagger. And in doing so I’ve been accused of using sexual innuendo when referring to those of that persuasion.

We need to ridicule and denigrate the Tea Baggers. That’s the best way to deal with their bovine effluent. Call them out on their crap on a regular basis. Make it so they cannot hide, they cannot run.

And apparently, their song is playing off tune to most Americans too. Even Tea Party darling Christine O’Donnell only got FIVE people at her book signing. Five!

Tea Party/Tea Baggers are really Republican Fringe

So we all know about the Tea Baggers taking over and modifying the Maine Republican Platform.

But it gets better. Apparently while they were in town some public school classrooms were made available to them.

What 8th grade English teach Paul Clifford found when he returned to his classroom on Monday tells it all when it comes to the Tea Baggers.


– For seven years, Clifford has had “a collage-type poster depicting the history of the U.S. labor movement” on his classroom door. He uses it “to teach his students how to incorporate collages into their annual project on Norman Rockwell’s historic ‘Four Freedoms’ illustrations.” When Clifford returned to his classroom on Monday, after the GOP caucuses, the poster was gone; in its place was a sticker reading, “Working People Vote Republican.”

– Republicans opened a “closed cardboard box they found near Clifford’s desk” and later objected to the fact that it contained copies of the U.S. Constitution donated to the school by the American Civil Liberties Union.

– After the caucuses, “rank-and-file Republicans who were upset by what they said they had seen in Clifford’s classroom” began calling the school, objecting to student art they had seen and a sticker on a filing cabinet reading “People for the American Way — Fight the Right.”

So apparently Tea Baggers don’t like labor movements. I suppose the 1,000 plus nurses that marched on Washington recently wouldn’t fit in with their twisted and demented world view.

Better yet, I’m curious what they find more objectionable, that there were copies of the Constitution in the room, or that they were compliments of the American Civil Liberties Union. I’d bet it’s the latter since the ACLU is a target of Tea Baggers and their ilk.

The only semi-legitimate claim to offense that they have is the PFAW Fight the Right sticker and even that is stretching it quite a bit.

It’s funny, I saw the Tea Party/Bagger official head in a clip from The View the other day. As I’ve gotten older I’ve developed the ability to discern when people are lying. That bitch was lying from the start, claiming there wasn’t a racist element to the Tea Baggers. Yeah right, and I’ve got bridge I want to sell you.

You can read more about the immature behavior of the Tea Baggers at the links.

Maine GOP Forced To Apologize After Convention-Goers Vandalize An Eighth-Grade Classroom

A forced apology isn’t sincere at all. You’re bigoted assholes, the lunatic fringe. I guess that’s what happens when you embrace a movement rooted in racism.

Nemitz: Call it class struggle: How politics went too far

Tea Party last stand on Health Care

Let me state unequivocally that I oppose the health care bill as currently written. The reason I oppose it is because without a public option there is nothing in the bill that will keep the insurance industry honest.

And to say that everybody is mandated to buy insurance? Are you kidding me? Like we’re not taxed out the ying yang already. There are already federal and state income, sales, excise, use, service taxes. (Have you looked at your cell or regular phone bill lately, or your utility bill?) So what is the penalty if you don’t buy? If it’s a fine I will find the money to hire an attorney and file suit against the U.S. Government because that is seriously unconstitutional.

Here is my proposal and it’s going to not only hurt the insurance industry but that other sycophant the billing industry.

Single payer. In other words just extend Medicare to EVERYONE. There you go, all set, and in case you were curious do you know what Medicare’s overhead is? It is 3.5%. Now I’m hearing the likes of Beck & Co. saying the regular insurers only get 3.5% when the reality is at least 20% or 1/5th of all income is consumed on overhead. So where does the other 16.5% go? To shareholders.

Tell the insurance companies and billing companies that the ride is over. That they have to adapt to new realities.

Of course on my part this is all a pipe dream because my voice doesn’t matter. I don’t have a million bucks laying around to lobby my congressmen.

So lets just focus on one little thing. Modify the 14th Amendment to include the disclaimer that “The rights enumerated and referred to in this amendment do not apply and shall not apply to inanimate entities such as corporations, partnerships, or limited liability companies.”

Baby steps. Once we strip corporations of the notion and power to lobby we gain an equal footing again. Even Michael Moore understands that.

But this made me laugh. This guy goes and interviews Tea Party and 9/12 ignoramuses.

I find it interesting that the TP/9-12 folks can parrot the talking points like pros. But question them further and they don’t know anything. The same thing applies to the anti-abortion crowd too and they are a big component of the anti health care reform crowd.

The interviewer in the video starts asking people to identify the part(s) of the bill that they disagree with. Many will make the disclaimer that they haven’t read the bill. I’ve skimmed it and you see my opposition above. But these people never even looked at it.

Then the interviewer asks the clutch question. Where do they get their information? And every one of them says it’s Fox News. If Fox News is fair and balanced, I’m the damned Easter Bunny.

But it brings up memories of my studies. Remember the architect of the Nazi message? Joseph Goebbels. When it comes to propaganda Goebbels is the one who originated the phrase repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.

That is how Fox News operates. Control the message, control the people. It’s their modus operandi. And as a propaganda organ for the Republican party Fox News does and excellent job.

The question is, how do we take Fox News off the air? I think my suggestion of amendment modification might do the trick. How long could Fox News hide behind first amendment rights if you did that?