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The Reaction from the Bigot Cavalade to the four victories

Mostly they’re all complaining how they were out-spent on this one. For a group that slung around enough cash to pay for signature gathering etc., to run ads on radio and television, do massive mailings and things of that nature I find it fit for the goose and the gander.
In essence they cannot spin this. As hard as Brian Brown, Maggie Gallagher et al try they can’t come up with anything else but “it was the money”.  It’s really kind of sad when you think about it. As I posted earlier, I think we’ve hit the tipping point for full equality in matters of marriage. And the bigot cavalcade knows they’ve lost not just the battle but the entire war effort.
And we’re now at what, 1/5th the nation where equality reigns? That kind of parallels Loving v. Virginia when you think hard about it. Back then only a handful of states allowed interracial marriage. And then it rocked toward the U.S.  Supreme Court in the case mentioned in the last sentence.

Right now we have Prop 8 and numerous DOMA challenges awaiting writ of certiorari from the Supreme Court. As I mentioned in a prior post, those justices do not live in a vacuum. They’ve got to see the handwriting on the wall on this one.


NOM Approved my Comment

Imagine my shock. I noticed this on my blog statistics page:

Blog Statistics
Blog Statistics

Note that second log, a referral from the NOM Blog? So I had to go and check and sure enough my comment is now missing the awaiting approval tag.

Comment Approved
Comment Approved

Some guy who goes by the name of Don on there tries saying we’re not persecuted. I have to bring this up.

I once worked for the state’s top law enforcement agency. I had dealings with the FBI’s CJIS division and here’s what I can tell you. A lot goes unreported or under-reported by local police so the FBI doesn’t catch EVERYTHING.

And persecution includes the statements made by NOM, FRC, AFA et al.

Look at the young LGBT folks committing suicide because they feel persecuted. Look at the violence committed against LGBT people on a regular basis yet Don won’t listen to any of that. Oh no, he’d rather push falsehoods. Just like Tony Perkins of the FRC with his falsehood about the American College of Pediatricians. If you didn’t know, the ACP is comprised of religiously bigoted pediatricians. The actual group is the American Academy of Pediatricians.

But by using a similar sounding name, Perkins is trying to lean the public AGAINST we LGBT people. So I’d love for Don to comment here and try to counter this. But he won’t because he’s a coward who blots out his email and contact info.

Fuck you Brian Brown

I mean it, fuck you and your little dog Christopher Plante too. Saying that economic issues trump civil rights issues, really???

You can listen to Brown and Plante wax on about the children, and about how our rights aren’t an issue. I seem to recall hearing the same from openly gay Speaker of the House in RI, Gordon Fox that civil rights were trumped by the states economic crisis.

Civil rights should NEVER be put to a vote. Ever. If in fact we could we’d see things against gay people, immigrants etc.

I am tired of the shit put forth by NOM and other groups like the AFA and FRC. I want us to raise enough money so that we can shout down these bigots. I’d love for a group to have the money to dog NOM’s little bigot bus with own buses that put forth true equality.

As to changing RI’s constitution, good fucking luck! It’s a very elaborate process that makes it deliberately difficult to get a ballot measure up let alone a vote to repeal our rights.

As to the African American community overwhelmingly against gay marriage is bullshit. How do I know? Because my SO is black. His family accepts me as one of their own. Imagine that. In their eyes we are already married.

It’s the African American pastors like that idiot Bishop Harry Jackson in DC spouting on about it. To him I’d say don’t you have anything better to rail against when there is still rampant discrimination against people of color in this country.

And Chris Plante – if you didn’t use fear tactics in your campaigns against the LGBT community maybe your measures wouldn’t have so easily passed. And the margins with which you got your agenda forward, well lets just say it’s statistically very interesting.

Consider the confusion on Prop 8 in California. Same in Maine. It makes me so happy that putting up a ballot issue is incredibly difficult here in RI.

And another note, the callers in support of the NOM position were interesting. You could tell which side they were on when they opened their mouth for the first time. It’s amazing how easy it is to spot the bigots.

And while I’m on a tear, the name of the group NOM expands to the National Organization FOR Marriage. But yet they’re against giving the right of marriage to LGBT people. Completely oxymoronic.

The Bigot Cavalcade Complains about their Treatment in Providence

This is just too much. Your civil rights? Look, nobody ever said that by exercising your civil rights you wouldn’t have to put up or shut up. But that’s the price of civil discourse.

But far be it for me to make any sense here. Just observe what the Bigot Cavalcade says about their time in Providence this past Sunday.

I posted a nice little comment on the video. I said:

I’m glad your Bigot Cavalcade got the welcome it so richly deserved. Stay the fuck out of our state. Nobody wants you here.

I mean seriously – stay out. You are losing the battle and you know it. That’s why you spin all of it to make yourselves look like the victims.

But we’ve been the victim of your falsehoods for long enough and is it any wonder we fought back this past Sunday?