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Driving: A Fun Twuck to Dwive

Because it’s not a car, not a truck but a Twuck or more specifically a van. A Toyota Sienna (It’s also sold as a Lexus – but pure Toyota through and through.)

It has characteristics that are common to all Toyota vehicles. Slam the door and it sounds like you’re closing a tin can.

However the one I drove this evening – it had some redeeming qualities.

For example – this baby could fucking move. I had her up around 90MPH on the highway. Lovely! It almost makes you forgive the fact that it’s a Toyota and a Minivan.

But the piece de resistance, the creme de la creme, this twuck could burn fucking rubber. I mean I pulled a few whole shots with this van, had the tires chirping and squeaking like crazy.

I guess Toyota finally figured out – give a Minivan a reasonably powerful engine, with torque pretty much out the wazoo and you might sell a few more. But no – it’s still a Minivan – useful for hauling people and shit around. and I’d never buy one as my heart belongs to cars of German or Bavarian lineage. To be specific a Volkswagen Golf TSi or Golf R, or a BMW X3.

But it if you are in the market for a minivan – I can highly recommend this one as it’ll let you relive the joys of your gearhead youth and let you pull wholeshots with a van, a front wheel drive van I might add.

The idiocy of car pricing

So I’ve said before I’d love to find a BMW X3 for the cheap but they seem to be hard to come by so I expanded my horizon a bit.

I’m looking at either a Toyota RAV4 or a Honda CRV. But I noticed something – I searched on Craigslist and an curious thing happened.

An new Toyota RAV4 will run you about $21K. But a 2006 RAV4 has an ask of close to $10K, for a car that’s 8 years old. Insane.

Why do I say it’s insane – a Honda CRV is about $5K to $6K for a 2006. So why the $5K premium for a Toyota?