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An embarrasing little episode

Last night I was at the DC401 gathering where Mitch Altman, developer of the TV-B-Gone device was showing us how to create the Trippy RGB (Warning, high geek quotient!) light kit which is based on the MiniPOV 3 kit. I also ordered a MiniPOV 3 kit because I want to put one of those together too. I also found a cheap USB to Serial adapter from Old Fashioned Robotics so I can program these little controllers.

While I can do a bang up job with a soldering iron, I didn’t know my resistor color codes. I’d always had the resistor chart in my pictures folder and just brought it up when I needed it. And in my parts bin everything is labeled in text so I know what’s what. Speaking of which, I need to add some parts into my database. What’s more, I was in good company. Brian Jepson had to pull up a web copy on his cell phone.

So today I finally decided, I’m going to learn what those colors mean. I already know the 25 pair code (Blue, Green, Orange, Brown, Slate and then the binder are White, Red, Black, Yellow and Violet) so why not electronics codes?

So I can happily state I can now name them, ready?

Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Grey, White that correspond to 0 thru 9, then gold bands mean multiply times .1, and silver times .01.

Lets see how long I remember them but I think I might actually have it this time since I’m getting the project bug again.

And this XKCD coming amply illustrates the point.

XKCD Resistor Codes