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A Very Stable Genius

I’m now 200 pages into the tome and I have to say the read I get of the Trump administration is that it’s an absolute and utter shit show. Date wise I’m up to the year 2017 and that was a banner year that proved the general ignorance of our President.

The Democrats would do well to read this book. It has enough ammo in it to completely derail a trump 2020 campaign. Because when you have a man who THINKS he knows better it’s a very dangerous thing. Just because you think it doesn’t make it true. And the gaps in his knowledge of European history and even Asian history are astounding.

I just read the part where Rex Tillerson called Trump a fucking moron. I think that’s the most concise summary of the President. The man is a moron. How he got elected I’ll never know well I do sort of know because those who voted for him are also morons. Hillary Clinton was wrong to call them the deplorables¬† instead they are simply too stupid, too moronic and will always vote against their own self interest. It’s actually astounding.

It’s like the man cannot admit the simple phrase “I don’t know, could you please elaborate.” Instead he speaks off the cuff and does so much damage to our reputation as a country that it’s actually sad.

I recall a video I’ve seen of Trump in his more lucid days. He said in the video that if he were ever to run for office he’d run as a Republican because the Republicans were the more easily hoodwinked voters. That’s when he actually had some brains. But as he’s gotten older and more set in certain ways he’s doing an incredible amount of damage to this country. The only advice I could give him is it’s ok to occasionally admit you can’t know everything. It’s why you build a team around you that can help smooth out the bumps. But when the team is just lurching from crisis to crisis it cannot work.

I’m waiting to get to the part where Jared Kushner and Ivanka’s security clearance was just blanket waived as one of the dumbest moves ever.

In essence the authors of the book are simply hanging the President with his own words and deeds. I love it.

Trump and his Tariffs

So President Trump wants to put a tariff on cars and good from Europe. Well the E.U. has responded by saying they’d put a tax of 25% on goods from the United States.¬† Even Speaker Ryan says we shouldn’t do this.

Trump is out of control – neigh, he can’t be controlled. So that’s why we’re hearing about tariffs is simply trying to deflect from the other heinous acts being committed by the Trump Administration.

But here’s something interesting to ponder. Let’s take Volkswagen as an example – they have an auto plant in Chattanooga, TN – what will it do to them when the cars are here and in Mexico and all over the world. Would their corporate leadership suffer from a tariff – sure they would. But the effects in the U.S. would be awful.

Because think for a moment – particularly with the TN plant of Volkswagen – they depend on local suppliers too – hundreds of jobs too. So let’s say the VW plant has 5000 employees. When you extend this out to all the suppliers like tire companies, oil companies, parts like bulbs, wire, etc. All those people. Conservatively I’d say it would impact 20,000 or more just for that one auto plant. Imagine 20,000 pissed off people. It won’t be pretty.