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Mea Culpa on Udacity

I had posted before where Udacity wasn’t working at all. I couldn’t drop courses, see the videos, etc. despite trying via multiple different browsers.

If you read my post about Problem Solved then you know I replaced my WiFi card on my computer.

I’m happy to report that Udacity now works. So I’ve re-registered for CS101 – Building a search engine. They’ve also added a number of new courses such as those marked with an ‘*’ are ones I wish to attend, a ‘**’ is one for which I have registered:

CS101 – Building a Search Engine(**)
CS212 – Design of Computer Programs
CS253 – Web Application Engineering (*)
CS262 – Programming Languages (JavaScript and HTML) (*)
CS373 – Programming a Robotic Car(*)
CS387 – Applied Cryptography(*)

It’s definitely going somewhere. I love it. The new CS101 starts tomorrow. This time I’ll be able to do it because I don’t have a network card stuttering along.

So my apologies to the team at Udacity. I look forward to the class!

Tech: So much for Udacity

I may have mentioned that I signed up for Udacity courses. It’s a site spearheaded by Sebastian Thrun, the Stanford professor involved with the autonomous vehicles in both the DARPA challenges.

I signed up for CS101 which is their intro Python class that will ostensibly give the skills to build a search engine. I know a bit of Python already and was really looking forward to this in order to expand my Python skills.

I also signed up for CS373 – Writing code for an autonomous car. That takes the Python even further.

But even though my logon works on Udacity, I cannot access any of the course content. I tried using Firefox 3.6.22, 3.6.27, and 10.0.2 with no success. IE8 also failed to load course content and so too Google Chrome 17.0.963.56m.

So maybe it was my computer itself, nope. Other flash and javascript based sites work just fine.

So I fired off an email to their support people. I told them that in IE8 it would not load. They shot back with this:

This is a common problem if you have any of the following running: adblock, flashblock, noscript, httpseverywhere. In order to view the site you must have these disabled.

Now note I had said IE8. They probably looked in their apache logs and found I’d tried to access with Firefox.

So I decided to try it from my cell, and the Safari based browser there cannot access the Udacity course content.

The last email I sent them was that I’l revisit Udacity in a few months once their javascript code straightened out.

I can’t fault them too much, if you hit the Udacity site you see they put the Beta tag right on the header. So I’ll check back in a couple of months to see if things have leveled off.