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Part of the problem with Weather Sleuths on Facebook

Is that they take each new update as gospel. Here in Providence the initial forecasts were 2 to 4 inches. Then it got bumped up to 6 to 8 inches, then 8 to 10 inches and finally 10 to 14 inches.

But here’s the thing – for all the storms we’ve had in the past five years – most have been WAY off target for total accumulation amounts. I think there was that one MAJOR storm we got last year, the one where our power was out for four days where they correctly predicted the snowfall amounts.

But past few storms the chicken little, the sky is falling, and the White Death from The Sky folks have been predicting snowmageddon to the point of nausea. And I keep telling them – you have to look at the overall pattern instead of the individual elements in the set. Because if you look at the pattern – the forecasters have been WRONG more often than RIGHT.

I did note that WX1BOX The Taunton Skywarn group (Amateur Radio related!) on Facebook didn’t post jack shit. It’s probably because I’ve called them out on the sky is falling nature of their posts in the past.

God Damn it’s colder than a witches tit in a brass bra!

So last night we got something I’ve not seen in a few years – a below zero night.

The place is uninsulated so of course the heating system struggles to keep it at 62F in the house when it’s set for 68F. The bed heater is set for 100F though. So nice and warm.

Right now it’s only 20F. So twelve degrees below freezing. However all this changes as of tomorrow. We get a mix of 40’s and 50’s along with rain. So a lot of the snow will get washed away and melted. Good.

Surprisingly the White Death from the Sky they predicted for the days preceding didn’t come to pass. We got maybe a max of 6 inches of snow. Here’s a little secret, I know how to drive in snow that deep. It’s easy. You do have to slow down though.

And then I remember, in about five weeks we start getting temp spikes in the 50’s, 60’s and up to the 80’s in the middle of February. Then March does it’s usual in like a Lion, out like a Lamb trick. April and through early July is gorgeous.

The Frankenstorm so far

So it’s coming up on 18:00 hours – for you 24 hour challenged types that’s 6:00PM.

In Providence the wind is picking up – with brief gusts that make it hard to walk but not too bad.

I do know a few things from venturing out on foot though.

RIPTA stopped running at noontime. Way to strand people!

I don’t see ANY police cruisers on the road. In fact there’s very little traffic.

The Woonasquatucket River is rising – but it’s got about four feet or so to go before it overflows it’s banks. And we’re seriously UPHILL from that river so I don’t worry too much.

The power is still on. I doubt it’ll go out – because we never lose power due to weather events, instead we lose power due to National Grid’s little fuck ups.

The only flooding is due to the storm drains being plugged with leaves. I note that after last year I had commented to my city councilor that they should wait until all the leaves fall before they muck out the drains. I think that got the attention of a few people. Good – wait until it all falls down.

And the flooding I speak of is mostly puddles.