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Reasons to vote no on Prop 8 in CA: Mass Resistance and the Wirthlins

So I recently became aware of the fact that Mass Resistance has been classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center and decided to do a bit more research.

During my research I saw the sporadic contacts between the Wirthlins and Mass Resistance. Apparently they had their sensibilities hurt when the book King and King was read to a second grade class, one that their precious son was in.

A fairly innocuous book if you ask me. But the Worthless Wirthlins had a different view of the book. So much so that they had to meet with Estabrook School Principal Joni Jay and the teacher, Mrs. Heather Kramer.

And of course the Wirthlins showed THEIR notes. And for more Mass Resistance wackiness read here.

I absolutely love Ms. Jay’s comments that the Wirthlins could read every book in the library. That was great. I’d love to see her notes on the meeting, I’m fairly certain that the words ‘anti-gay’ show up in the notes several times.

And the Wirthlins saying they weren’t assuaged, that was just over the top. Assuage means to lessen the intensity, to pacify, quiet, appease and quench. In other words, the Wirthlins want it their way or the highway.

It is very understandable why the Southern Poverty Law Center would classify Mass Resistance as a hate group, the evidence is overwhelming when you think about it. And as a special treat, here are the Wirthlins on video defending their point. Robin Wirthlin gets very emphatic about homosexuality.