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Unbelievable lifespan for a computer

So one finally bit the dust tonight. Old Dell XPS M140’s. By reckoning those machines were 9 years old. But the conundrum – if it could be called that is when the last one failed this evening I have no way of getting data off the machine. Or so you might think.

Since they’re vintage computers they use ATA-100 drives. So I got an ATA-100 to USB converter. Just plug it in and turn it on. Ordered a refubished Dell Latitude E6420 to replace the old machine. Cost about $300 with tax. I’m picking it up tomorrow. I got it from MicroCenter.  A warning, their site doesn’t play well with Chrome or Firefox – you have to use Internet Exploder/Explorer.

But the reason the machines lasted so long is that yours truly did a hell of a lot of preventive maintenance. Just to give you an idea, at age 4 I replaced the hard drives on them. And I can’t count the number of keyboards I replaced on them. Or the screens I replaced. In fact the only thing original on the machines were the motherboards. Oh yeah, wifi cards got replaced too.

In essence I get my moneysworth out of computers. But this upgrade is sort of necessary as the ‘new’ machine is Windows 7 Professional which will upgrade to Windows 10 with no issues.

Older Laptop Repairs

I’ve kept two Dell XPS M140’s up and running for close to 8 years now. I see no reason to upgraded as yet as these computers still have life in them.

The other day the lamp on my LCD went. Ok – $133 got a brand new LCD with inverter and lamp 2 day expressed to the house. Only had to remove 18 screws, the hing cover and the frame around the screen to do it.

Then I had to salvage the cable from the old LCD – but I could not get it to plug into the new screen. That’s because the new screen has a shielding hood over the connector. So I just peeled off the shield on the plug and all as well.

Then put the 18 screws and the hing cover back on and voila ! I saved the old screen – it works. Just has no light. But here’s the thing, if you tear into it I can remove the inverter and lamp and maybe replace with an EL panel or LED’s and then use it on a project.

I did note that the hinges on the screen – the left hinge is cracked. So I ordered a new set of hinges.