Troppe informazioni Martedì Numero duecentotrenta Due (TMI #232)

1. If you could be a super hero or a super villain, which would you be and why?

Super Villain. It’s what some people ascribe to me anyhow, what with that my allegedly being a danger to women and all.

2. What’s your super alias?

The Misogynist (Are you sensing a theme here???)

3. Name a friend as your sidekick, tell us who they are.

The Imam – I figure they’re pretty misogynistic from the start so they work.

4. What’s your weakness(es)?

Idiots. I cannot resist toying with an idiot.

5. What’s your power(s)?

To see through mythical bovine effluvia to the real issue. And also the ability to piece together a puzzle like for example why the hateful comments come from ThePlanet IP addresses while other comments come from a Verizon FiOS account.

6. Does your costume have a cape? Do you wear a mask?

Cape, mask and horns. All in red. Remind you of anyone???

Bonus (optional): Give us some back story on your character: Where did they originate? Do they have a secret lair? Does anyone know their secret identity?

The character originated from comments I posted on Facebook about a local gay action groups video project. I simply stated what I gleaned from their email. It touched off a two week odyssey wherein I gave certain members enough rope with which to hang themselves and they have taken up that rope with glee.

The lair used to be secret until someone using a ThePlanet internet account started posting threats in the comments section of this blog. I note the cat has their tongue, oh wait, that’s because I blotted out the full range of ThePlanet IP addresses from commenting.

And yes they know my secret identity.

Perché ora sono presumibilmente conosciuto come un pericolo per le donne! Curley e Heather è una stronza vizioso!

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