The Marijauna Debate Rages On

Found this gem by Davis Sweet on The Huffington Post blog.

Let me state the following so that you might understand my position. I have used marijuana when I was a young man. Got high frequently yet seem to suffer no ill effects from it now in mid-life. Haven’t actually touched the stuff in more than a decade because quite frankly the thrill is somewhat gone, and my brief career in law enforcement meant I couldn’t partake.

Wait, wait, wait. Did I mention that many in law enforcement DO actually partake? Had I also mentioned that they don’t seem to suffer any ill effects from smoking the old whacky tobacky.

Might I also tell you about my aunt and uncle. Regular tokers yet both are lucid, intelligent, and loving, as well as incredibly talented. Might I mention my partner, who occasionally has some and is the sweetest and again, most incredibly talented and intelligent person I know? How about the contact highs I get from going to very loud concerts. I’m not talking philharmonic here, I’m talking about the funk, the whole funk, and nothing but the funk. Actually when I come to think about it, P-Funk is best enjoyed whilst stoned, same with Pink Floyd.

I consider marijuana no worse than alcohol and other legal drugs. I am also one that thinks that pain management in the United States happens to be a joke and that marijuana would be beneficial to those in pain, both physcially and mentally.

Imagine how much happier we’d all be if we could just light up every now and then and kick back, listen to some good tunes, maybe make a little love, maybe create our masterpiece. In short, who knows what beneficial thing might come from one being stoned.

What is really mind blowing is imagining if our elected officials and corporate masters had a few tokes every now and then. Just picture what it would do for diplomacy, or more succinctly what it could do for democracy.

Some day we’ll stop this lunacy and relieve the pain of our brothers and sisters. Free those wrongfully imprisoned for posession, remove the power from the hands of organized crime. That’s what legalizing marijuana would do.

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