A sour zipcar experience

So this afternoon I booked a zipcar for 5:30PM. The only one available was said to be parked on the street by 222 South Main St. I get there at 5:30PM and there’s no car.

So I call Zipcar and they try locating the vehicle. Nothing but then they tell me it’s at 210 Benefit St. It’s a hike up the hill and about 800 feet down the road. So I go there and no car.

I call Zipcar again. They can’t find the car. So I imagine there is a police report filed for a missing car.

They try finding another car, nothing available. So they offered cab fare up to $200. Interesting. But not what I wanted. So I canceled the reservation.

I’ve never had this problem with my regular Zipcar haunts, that at the Regency, Washington St., and off Richmond St.

My best guess is whoever had the car before me was just running late and fed a line to the Zipcar rep.

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