Two Jobs

One would be interesting but only in the short term. The other could be more long term. 

The short term one – pays in the six figures. The long term pays in the high five figures but within very close range to what the short term job pays. In fact both would firmly put me in the top 2 to 1.5% of earners. 

But the thing is I suspect I’ll get offers on both. Quandary time. 

Short term is the pure Linux one. That’s fine – but with no net connectivity allowed. Makes it kind of interesting to do updates on the servers because you still need tools to keep them secure and such. 

The other is a mixture of about 60% Windows which I can still do with my hands tied behind my back and about 40% Linux. But this one has the benefit of letting me innovate somewhat. 

I’ll know more on Tuesday. But like I said, really SOLID interviews on both jobs. To the point where I can now answer what are call esoteric questions about Linux – like the boot process. Beyond the Grub booloader – the actual process loads a kernel into RAM on the machine. Then the kernel goes about mounting root and other directories. 

Got that question right. 

On the other interview one question was you have three domain controllers. One dies what do you do. 

I said first try to use ntdsuil -files and then dcpromo status. But the question was clarified and I answered that you’d have to remove the domain controller from AD. Got that one right too. They actually admitted to me that the other candidate they interviewed had no idea. 

But like I said – with the holiday weekend I knew I wasn’t going to hear anything on Friday. But come Tuesday I suspect I’ll hear from both. I’m sort of leaning towards the Widows/Linux one to be honest. But the pay on the other side is too good to refuse. 

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