An idea on how to make the snow statute more draconian

So I’m pretty sure the new rules on snow removal from sidewalks was approved. I know they’re citing people.

But I understood that just simply chucking a lien against property isn’t enough for some people. So I came up with a way to make the law more cruel and draconian.

Here’s what I realized – the city KNOWS who owns each property. And the city also has links to the DMV for tax purposes. Well – in addition to liens just take away the license and registration of those who continue to flaunt the city snow removal statutes regarding sidewalks. Make them suffer and must maybe they’ll find the money to get their sidewalks cleared.

I like this because some of the buildings are owned by landlords who don’t give a shit. This would make them give a shit.

2 thoughts on “An idea on how to make the snow statute more draconian

    1. Oh I’m already catching shit on Facebook for posting that. One guys said a full 20% of RI’ers drive with no license or registration. I call bullshit on that one.

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