The Evolution of the Light Bulb

The though hit me today. We light our homes with a far different technology than we did in the 20th century.

First was the incandescent bulb:

Pretty wasteful – a lot of the energy went toward making heat more so than light.

For the most part they got replaced by Compact Fluorescent bulbs:

The CFL did better on power sure – but kind of toxic to dispose of them. So they got replaced by LED based bulbs.

About 3 to 5 watts less power consumption than even the CFL bulbs. The common areas like living room, bedroom, bathroom are all LED lighting

The main goal is to starve National Grid of revenue. I want to see them shrivel up and blow away.

One thought on “The Evolution of the Light Bulb

  1. Yet, they do these free home consultations to save you some cash on energy bills. What exactly is their benefit there? Or is it a mandated thing?

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