Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis needs to be publicly ridiculed and shamed

Why? Dan Savage let slip in a clip that the four times married Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis has been married has a rather curious filial story. You see when she was married to husband number one she had a set of twins by future husband number three, who then husband number two adopted.

It’s a story straight out of I’m my own grandpa.

But here is the thing – she’s trying like all get out to martyr herself so she can go on the bigot talk circuity and make some cash. But I think that ship has sailed.

So instead there are two alternatives  to such an obstinate cunt as Davis. First is execution – but alas I’m more for the blade and her head on a spike as warning. That said – another we can employ is ridicule. Her relationships and familial stuff is ripe for a healthy dose of ridicule. Fore example, in her vaunted religion- the Jesus character really doesn’t like divorce. And there are several prohibitions on fucking around in there too. So throw those in her face. It’s already starting as people at the counter are starting to question how many times Davis has been married.

Me – I guess I’m more crude. Had I lived in an area where a religious bigot denied me – I’d have explained that if they think they’re being persecuted I can show them that they’re clearly not being persecuted. I’d offer to nail her to a tree to experience real persecution. Or maybe just strangle the mangy bitch and stuff her in the trunk of a car. Who knows.

3 thoughts on “Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis needs to be publicly ridiculed and shamed

  1. one theory is she likes the notion of becoming a martyr by being fired but will make a lot of money as the poster child for religious meetings – she will make a bundle.

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