The First Week at the new job

So today concluded my first week at the new job. One of the things that draws me to the new place of employment is that most of the people I’m working with have been there for 20+ years so there’s definite potential for longevity there.

Secondly my boss – I really like the guy. And I think the feeling is mutual. For example this week I came explained how to have data integrity, built Oracle Linux 7 on a server and then re-built it using HP’s Intelligent Provisioning. Except it’s not that intelligent. I’ll explain.

Every time I’d try to build with Oracle Linux 7 (Which is really RedHat 7.3) it would barf on install and exit out to the Dracut shell.

Tried it a few times and then reasoned, every other HP Blade server they have, it’s running Oracle Linux 6.5 or 6.6 – so I downloaded the 6.6 installer ISO and wonder of wonders it worked. Got a bit literal pat on the back for that one from my boss. It’s funny how just that makes me want to show off my skills even further.

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