Things that piss me off

  1. Driving on I-95 and doing a cool 75MPH. Look I see speed limits as merely a suggestion. And with the speed limit idiocy in Rhode Island you can probably understand why. From southern RI the speed limit goes from 65, to 55, to 50, to 45. I can remember when it was 70MPH for the entirety. Plus they’re changing up the exits so a lane of traffic is for the exit, the other is a through lane. So everyone thinks they should slow down.

    But anyhow back to the story – I’m flying down I-95 south and all of a sudden I see the car in front of me jack on the brakes to the point where his tires are leaving a nice skid mark and smoking. Which in turn I had to lock mine up. Because the speed dropped down to 30 for no valid reason whatsoever. Instead it was some flashing lights on the NORTHBOUND side. Look in that section of I-95 the nearest turn around for law enforcement is 7 miles away. Just keep going, the flashing lights on the police cruiser means he’s busy. He won’t even notice you flying down the other side.

  2. Then there’s the grocery store – where people will just stand in the way in a main traffic aisle. I get a little assertive on that one with a loud “EXCUSE ME”. That usually wakes them from their stupor.
  3. Escalator hogs. I’ve mentioned this before. The right side is for standing, the left side is for moving. It’s really that simple.
  4. Conflicting information. Look someone is right, and someone is like a stopped clock which is actually correct twice a day. Let’s not all jump in at once.

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