What President Trump Really is

He’s a puppet. I’m 300+ pages into the book Fire and Fury by Michael Wolffe. It seems the administration over the first year just lurches from crisis to crisis with no effective leadership.

You had Bannon, Priebus, and a whole cast of deplorables. But Bannon considered himself Puppet Master – which fell so hard it smarted. One element that comes out of the book is President Trumps desire to be liked/loved by everyone. But his buffoonish ways belie that particular gem. If a story from a close friend is any indication banking people in the U.S. can’t stand Trump. I think this partly explains the Russian connection too. Where else could he get the money to fund his, not so much empire more like a satrapy.

But one element that emerges from the book is that in simple terms Trump is a puppet being manipulated in the past by Bannon, Priebus, Jarvanka (Jared and Invanka Kushner). So far the latter teams seems to be ruling the roost. And Trump is a family guy – note the choice of words there – family is the most trusted.
One of the things that perplexes me most is Trumps alleged ties or sympathy with White Supremacists who hate Jews, Blacks, Latinos etc. But his daughter is married to a Jewish man. How do the holidays play out in that family I wonder.

The entirety of the administration is just a shit show. And since it’s now 2018 and in special election after special elections the Democratic party has prevailed. Let us hope that in November they can capture the U.S. House and U.S. Senate. Then bounce Trump out with strong wording to Pence that if he becomes President he’ll get the same treatment. Actually there’s a chance both could be booted out of office – and who gets it then? The Speaker of the House – and Paul Ryan is in trouble – he’s  got primary challenge coming up and the Democrats are starting to really pay attention.

I said this when Trump was elected – he’ll get maybe a year or so of his way – but according to the book he doesn’t get along with the current congress. But only a year of that because there is one thing people never think about – as a whole the rating of congress in general is very low. And traditionally individual congresspeople get rated fairly high – but even this trend has reversed. We’ve now seen a raft of Republicans resigning from congress like Jeff Flake and others. I think they see the writing on the wall that the Tea Baggers are nuttier than a fruitcake.

Because even locally those who I consider to be out there have been tossed out of the State legislature. I had done a post on which bigots got tossed – six of the bunch that had voted against Marriage Equality – they’re gone. And one more is about to be kicked out of the legislature. And it’s happening in other states too. The Tea Baggers were nothing more than a bunch of very vocal minorities. Not minorities in the racial sense, but in the bat shit insane minority – sort of like Michelle Bachmann.

And doing analysis of voter rolls in the past I discovered there’s a core of about 30% of the population that is bat shit insane. They are Trumps base. But even some of them are lamenting their choice in the Presidential election.

And it’s all coming apart regards the Russia thing – it’s pretty clear they did this to damage the U.S. Well it’s time to damage Russia – bunch of drunkards in Russia anyhow.

One thought on “What President Trump Really is

  1. You’re exactly right. The whole thing is an absolute mess. The GOP sold their souls to the extremists in an effort to maintain power and it looks like it’s backfiring on them now

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