Looking up info on diabetes drugs

So someone was diagnosed with Diabetes. It’s being managed with drugs versus insulin. The drug in question is Metformin.

Now I looked up info on it – here are the things I’ve learned about it.

I’d known that proteins get converted to glucose and apparently it’s the liver that does that. What Metformin does is stop the livers ability to produce glucose.

There is some research that Metformin is sort of an anti-aging treatment. Someone says their skin is what it was 25 years ago. Hmm.

Now the other thing – metabolism. I remember in my days of working retail in a Pharmacy I did learn that drugs either get metabolized by the liver or the kidneys. Metformin is metabolized by the kidneys.

Now more – I tested someones blood sugar an hour or so after eating. It returned 94. Then the scientist in me said lets run my number. Even thought he manual for the meter says only one person should use I sterilize the lancet, use a new strip etc. So what’s wrong with that? Plus I recall the doctors office she used a meter to test and he’s not the only one whose blood was analyzed by that machine. Anyhow mine came out at 97.

So I proposed that someone go off the Metformin for a day or two and see what the numbers were there. Normal as all hell that’s where.

I note the Walgreens that was near us – they had an A1C test kit. I might pick one up and do the A1C test on someone myself.

3 thoughts on “Looking up info on diabetes drugs

  1. As a medic I was stunned at how little people knew about their own bodies. T2 diabetes can be tackled with pills, but the number one remedy (worth a try) is lose 10% of your body weight, brisk walk 3x per week, and change your diet. Cambridge (if I remember right) university study was halted when testing diet and exercise versus medication. The results were that profound that, at the time was the only study ever halted to take people off meds to solely focus on the other things mentioned. I’d go there

  2. My T2 diabetes was managed and controlled by diet and exercises for several years. However after some time my diabetes got worse and I needed medications. I have progressed through several different types and dosages. My blood sugar has been control for over a year yet now is not controlled anymore. I will soon have to go on stronger medications to control my blood sugar. Going off my blood sugar medications is not an option for me under any circumstances. So I think that is something that is needed to be understood. Not all diabetes can be control without medications. Hugs

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