A New Job

I start in two weeks. I ‘ll be a Senior Linux Engineer for a big retail company. Glory fucking be!

Now this one moved very quickly. Had an echo laden Skype call with their I.T. leader on Sunday. They brought me in for an in-person interview on Monday. Today I got the news that I got the job.

One of the things during the interview – I was thanked for recommending various other tools that could be used to monitor availability beyond ICMP Ping. And I noted one of the two people interviewing, every time I’d answer a question would nod in agreement. I sort of knew I had them.

The job itself is in Marietta, GA about a hour commute via MARTA from where we are now. So not bad. One comment I will make about MARTA buses and trains – they’re spic and span clean. I was shocked. I’m used to dirty ass RIPTA and MBTA gear.

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