Customs and Border Protection agents get their asses handed to them.

Oh this is delightful. I mean come on, when I started reading the article I said to myself this has to be a 4th Amendment violation. Sure enough.

Go read it here. The link was on Facebook from the ACLU – non-existent deity bless them. They don’t get thanked enough for their protecting us from constitutional abuses.

One thing – now it’s completely voluntary. I’m waiting for TSA to get their asses handed to them too because the searches and shit, that’s unconstitutional too. I mean come on what part of the 4th did the assholes at TSA not understand. And besides, there are better ways to protect flights. Despite the wishes of the Petulant Man Child in Chief aka the President. I don’t even want to invoke that assholes name.

I commented on the FB post that I’d like to go through and just throw them the finger/bird/.whatever and then comment “In Trappist circles that is known as I am the one in charge. ” I mean it is voluntary right? Because in my book respect goes two ways.

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