An Interesting Bon Apetit recipe: Weed Butter

First let me state weed or marijuana, pot and it’s many names is much less dangerous than alcohol. And I know states are finally coming to see new tax revenue thing so one by one they’re starting to legalize recreational weed.

Put it this way, ask cops what they’d prefer: To pull over someone high on weed or a drunk. Most every one would prefer the former.

I recall a couple years ago in Providence, RI the police were essentially told not to pursue amounts of pot less than a couple grams. Then again I also knew several cops who partook.

And eventually the federal side will fall too. There have already been a few bills to decriminalize it. It is only a matter of time.

And I do wish we’d do like Portugal did – they legalized all illicit drugs. And the net result was usage of illicit or even legitimate psychoactive drugs went down. Imagine. Ban something and most people want to try it, make it legal and it becomes sort of like alcohol is today.

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