On Deviled Eggs

So someone wanted Deviled Eggs – placing an online order from his vaunted Publix yielded Egg Salad instead. I have enough to do 6 deviled eggs. The recipe is simple.Boil the eggs, peel them under running water and then cut them in half and scoop out the yoke. Mix with some mayo, spices and a little white vinegar and et voila you have your deviled egg filler.

When grocery stores don’t get it right I can do it. Oh and last night I made a different stir fry. Of course through Publix I couldn’t order alcoholic beverage due to their web sit being stupid. But it was simple – beef strips, cauliflower florets, garlic, red pepper flakes. Then halved grape tomatoes

The beef is dredged in corn starch, soy sauce and the wine. And as could be I didn’t have wine. but used chicken stock instead. Fried the beef up in some oil, then in goes the garlic and red pepper flakes followed by the cauliflower and green onion. Add the cooked beef and wow. Didn’t need rice for this baby.

Got the recipe from the book Stir Fy to the Sky – I didn’t use a Wok but a cast iron pan instead.

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