Interesting way to commemorate the Holocaust

I don’t see what the big deal was. It was for one day and gave these kids just a little taste of what it must have been like. At the very least they got out of it with their lives intact. The majority of those in the holocaust did not.

But what I find most amusing is that a cleric says his boy cried because of it. Good.. little bastard ought to cry. Maybe he’ll be less likely to try to round up a group of people when he gets older.

See the original here.

2 thoughts on “Interesting way to commemorate the Holocaust

  1. I bet these children with the yellow stars never forget this experiment. I also bet the will fight racism in themselves as they get older.


  2. I’m not so sure. The 14 year old crybaby only said that it made him sure he didn’t ever want to be Jewish. So he missed the point entirely.

    Hopefully with age comes wisdom otherwise I feel bad for the young man. He’s going to be blindly unaware of the world around him.

    Put it this way, at 14 I was as left liberal as I am now. Hell, now I’m more so.

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