This will continue to happen

So long as the inequities of divorce law persist, every now and then you’ll get some guy with a weapon that the police can’t really match. That was the case here. He accomplished his goal, gunning down his soon to be ex-wife and child.

But I have to give props to the police sharpshooter. I’ve fired off an AR-15 and it’s not the most accurate weapon. But he dropped the guy no problem.

5 thoughts on “This will continue to happen

  1. Geez, where do I start?

    The bailiff with the revolver who’s “preventing the accused from escaping in the chaos” is a moron and needs to get his fat ass back into a gun safety training course. NEVER point a gun upward. That’s for the movies. Unholstered guns get pointed towards the floor for safety, not the ceiling.

    It was NOT automatic rifle fire! That Court TV announcer should know the difference.

    Deputy Smith botched that PIT big time, turning it into a rear-ender.

    Nice shooting by the sniper cop but his fellow officers need more training and awarneess about being in a crossfire.The stopped police car across the street when shots are fired is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  2. I know I’m gonna get slammed for this, however I’m gonna say it anyway.

    These were professionals supposedly training in the use of thier weapons and police techniques. And we see how one guy was taking them all down.

    Why in the world does anything think arming the general public, like the students at VT, would make any difference? If the people who make thier living out of stopping poeple who do things like this, can’t stop them, then why is the argument made that any, and in some arguments every, civilian should be so armed to prevent another VT. Or Columbine. Or that Waco texas shooting seveal years back. Or ANY shooting like this.

    This is, I know, where I’m gonna get slammed, but if we had REAL gun control, one that prevented the public from owning any firearm or weapon that fired more than 6 rounds before it needed reloaded, or certainly ANY firearm that was automatic or semi-automatic, would something like this be as bad as it was? It might still have happened, but I seriously doubt it would have continued as long as it did, or as been as bloody as it was.

    Okay….I’m ready. flame away. :)


  3. You want real gun control, sure, just repeal the Second Amendment. But be prepared to see the same effects as Britain and Australia have seen with tighter gun control: surging violent crime rates

    Violent crime

    Violent crime includes homicide, assault, sexual assault, robbery and
    kidnapping (also sometimes referred to as abduction). Although robbery may include an element of property crime, it is included as a violent crime, as the use or threat of violence is a more serious offence.

    Table 1 : Violent crimes, 1996-2004
    Year Homicide Assault Assault Robbery Kidnapping
    1996 354 114,156 14,542 16,372 478
    1997 364 124,500 14,353 21,305 564
    1998 332 130,903 14,336 23,801 707
    1999 386 134,271 14,104 22,606 766
    2000 363 138,708 15,759 23,336 695
    2001 346 152,283 16,897 26,591 767
    2002 365 160,118 17,977 20,989 706
    2003 341 158,629 18,237 19,709 696

    Gun ban was in 1996.

    By 2003: Homicide: – 3.7%
    Assault: +39.0%
    Sexual assault: +25.4%
    Robbery: +20.4%
    Kidnapping: +45.6%

    Now compare that to the USA for ’96 to ’03.

    Still think it’s a good idea?

  4. I absolutely do think it’s still a good idea. Because all the “figures” and “statistics” are nice and all, however 1) numbers can be swayed to reflect nearly any point of view, and 2) more importantly, I never suggested repealing the 2nd Amendment.

    Thats what I love about arguements from the NRA and thier supporters, they go right into full hysteria mode and foam at the mouth about taking all the guns away.

    Never did I say to take all the guns away. In what I mentioned, any non-automatic, or semi-automitic firearm that can only shoot 6 rounds before needing reloaded is perfectly legal and open to ownership by anyone.

    Nonetheless, to get back to the “facts” you stated, instead of comparing percentages, why don’t we look at the actual numbers of criminal acts commited per country. While it’s very sad that Assaults increased 40% after a gun ban, the largest amount you listed was 160,000 in one year. In the WHOLE COUNTRY! My God, there has to be that many assaults in Los Angeles or New York alone in one year. Probably less than one year. And a homicide rate of less than 400 for the entire COUNTRY in an entire year? Several cities here surpass that total in less than a year.

    Perhaps if we had meaningfull gun control, our levels would drop to something more comperable.


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