NOM – The Oxymoron

If they are really the National Organization FOR Marriage then you’d think they would be out making ridiculous statements to deny LGBT people our full measure of equality.

Instead NOM is just a group of religious bigots who want to see their version of a hateful, petty and vindictive god rule over everyone else especially those of us that are LGBT.

But what if I don’t accept your god. In fact I’ll tell you that your god doesn’t exist.

And I note with some great degree of glee that Maggie “The Loathsome” Gallagher is looking rather porcine and haggard lately.

And Brian Brown needs to shut his pie hole. We’re not violating YOUR rights buddy boy, but you’re violating ours and every time we get in your face I cheer!

One thought on “NOM – The Oxymoron

  1. You’re right, Maggie is looking really haggard lately. BTW, didn’t she say she was retiring from her post as head hater some time back? Why is she still running around spreading her bile?

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