A Sad State of Affairs

So it is official, Congressman Anthony Weiner is stepping down from his seat.

It makes me sad because he obviously has close advisers that have no idea how to defeat the media echo chamber.

For example, I would have advised him to be mostly defiant and stood up and owned his alleged misdeeds. Because he never dipped the old wick in any old pussy. It was all cybersex. In this day and age, it is in essence much ado about nothing. I don’t think you could spin around with a dead cat and not hit 50% or more people who have engaged in a little cyber every now and again.

Cenk Uygur wrote about this years ago, it’s part of the Republican tactic to discredit their enemies. Get the media to yammer on about it ad nauseum. And in this case it did the trick, Weiner resigned.

But what Weiner should have done is go Biblical, let he who is without sin cast the first stone, or use the phrase “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”, that’s the sort of defiance he should have used.

That he didn’t is a loss to we progressives that are sick of the Republican Echo Chamber taking precedence.

One other thing, the original twitter exchange piques my interest because the woman in question didn’t have a camera? It’s the year 2,011 and cameras are ubiquitous. How did she not have a photo of herself? It’s because I suspect that she was actually a he and that he was a Republican operative or trixter akin to that O’Keefe fellow.

In essence I smell a rather large rat here.

***UPDATAE*** That rat I said I smelled, read on.

It’s looking more and more like entrapment/setup than anything else now. I would hope Weiner reconsiders.

3 thoughts on “A Sad State of Affairs

  1. I would have done a press conference immediately, admitted my sins and cry a little bit all the while saying I was sorry. I would then go into rehab for a time and then return to my job.

    This is a common script for Americans who have done wrong. Generally speaking, people are forgiving if one pays their penance.

  2. We really wanted him to stay too. Not much of a scandal considering the horrible things, banks, financial institutions, corporations, and the insanely wealthy do every day.He was astute, focused, and outrageously vocal. I’m guessing the Democrat machine dictated how and when he would leave. Not much he could do. Saw the NY Times article earlier. Pretty much figured smear campaign, because of his reluctance to come forward and be proactive. There wasn’t enough time to pin down the smear campaign(I’m sure he was trying) before the Democratic establishment forced him to leave.

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