And they call themselves Christians

Two articles I’ve run across while perusing the web gave me great pause.

The first is vandals targeting the cars of professors who accept evolution as the true method for tracing the evolution of life.

Where do I start with this? That these fundamentalist Christians (Aka Shit Stains) think it is within their right to vandalize the personal property of another makes me nearly apoplectic.

If you have ever read their biblical texts, the most violent event that their Christ ever did was turning over the tables of the money changers. Yeah, Christ isn’t a bankers best friend. So I have to wonder where this image of the warrior Jesus, the vandal Jesus, came from?

In essence what they are practicing is hooliganism, not Christianity. Putting spikes in peoples tires is something that Christians just shouldn’t do. Instead they should turn the other cheek. Remember that one? Good.

The next is an article about the harassment of doctors who perform abortions.

They do something I’ve advocated for the bigots, but I just want to get the message across that we’re mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. But to take it to the extremes the anti-abortion crowd has makes even me a little leery about it.

They just won’t ever stop, but do they ever take a moment to reflect a bit and realize that in order to save those ‘unborn’ they are taking the life of another human being?

Of course they don’t. It’s just like this video where the anti-abortion protesters are asked what penalty should be applied to a woman having an abortion if said abortion was illegal. Note the deer in the headlights looks of most of them.

That’s right – they never think about the WOMAN having the abortion but instead focus on what is essentially a clump of cells.

It’s really quite shocking how they’ve put on blinders to the plight of the women seeking abortions. Instead they make it look like it’s the doctors pushing the women to have the abortion which is the complete opposite of reality.

What all of the above demonstrates is what lead to my atheism in the first place. When there are so many different interpretations of one book, who is right in the first place? Were I a deity I’d be certain to write in such a fashion as to make it abundantly clear how I’d one my alleged creation to behave toward each other and toward me. None of this beating around the bush with parables, etc. Say it loud and say it proud!

Then of course there are the versions of the Bible currently in circulation. I have read the entire KJV, but now there are the NIV and other versions that change language and flow.

Instead it demonstrated to me that the Bible is the word of men, not of a God but men with an agenda. By agenda, you only have to go back seven or eight hundred years to the 13th century, and then a little further back to the 1st century to see the obvious tampering by certain figures.

I guess what I want to say is what I’ve always said: Read ALL of it. Every page, every sentence, every word. And ask questions, lots of questions. Because there is a hell of a lot in the text that makes absolutely zero sense without a little guidance.

Those who would wave the prohibitions found in the Old Testament against women, LGBT, and the others, are guilty of taking things so far out of context that they likely will go over the edge, as many have already done.

4 thoughts on “And they call themselves Christians

  1. Oh, man, didn’t you just feel like punching those morons in the face?? I can’t believe how absolutely surprised they look when asked the question, how they fumble to try to match their religious motives to the notion that, if something is illegal, then it should have a punishment attached.

    Hitchens is SO right, religion poisons EVERYTHING.

  2. actually I think they are very sensible to target the doctors; much easier to scare and intimidate.
    I agree with you – trying to pinpoint down in them what is the proper penalty for a woman having an abortion – if abortion is murder of a child, then what do you do with the murdress mother? No one seems to give me an answer.
    So they are ‘correct’ to target others.

  3. I grew up in the south, where most people openly say they follow Christ, but nothing could be further from the truth. Most have no idea what his life about or what he said to his followers. If he existed he would be truly sad. Stan and I often have a laugh over how his teachings and his story had more of an effect on me, an atheist, than they have on those professing to be his followers. I’m open to all things, they are not. That made it easy for me to take the best things from the world’s spiritual guides and leave behind the flawed dogma, hypocrisy, and hatred. Feeling connected to everyone and everything helped as well. Things to foster in the coming generations, no doubt.

  4. I recently read a comment in a gay blog referring to these so called right-to-lifers: “the last time you cared about me, I was a fetus.” They can be such hypocrites.

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