Politics: When pulling it straight out of your ass won’t work

So I see Willard Mitt Romney is calling it a Day of Shame because the U.S. is allowing a blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng to come to the United States.

From what I know of International humanitarian law, Chen sought sanctuary in the U.S. Embassy in China. The U.S. has a duty to protect those persecuted as political enemies and from what I’ve read about Chen, he’s a thorn in the side of the Chinese government so he qualifies.

But Romney’s calling it a Day of Shame, seriously? Is he that fucking stupid?

But it won’t work with me. Prepare for Romney to pull ever more ridiculous statements straight out of his ass. If there’s one consistent thing about Romney it’s his tendency to say anything to make it appear he is electable.

But Romney isn’t electable. First off he has the liability of being a flip-flopper. There is ample video evidence to support that assertion.

Romeny is also out of touch with the common American, that clip of him asking of the cookies came from 7-11 showed his disdain for the common man.

It’s a question of being likeable and Romney doesn’t exude charisma at all. His desperation to be President is becoming painfully apparent.

So take a hint Mr. Romney – you can’t just make shit up an expect not to be called on it.

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