You may have noticed

The frequency of posts has dramatically reduced on this blog.

It’s because I’ve been at a new job doing something I’ve always touched on the fringe but never done full time. Documentation, and QA type stuff using test cases etc. It’s interesting. But I’m a coder at heart so it’s way different.

The commute is sort of ugly. Two trains and a shuttle. First it’s the MBTA Commuter Rail on the Providence to Back Bay circuit, then the Green Line from Copley to Newton Highlands and the the shuttle down to Needham. Total time on transport is an hour and three quarters. Say 2 hours total each way. It’s an hour and ten on the commuter train, then twenty five minutes on the LRV, and ten minutes on the shuttle.

Now I could post from my phone but 4G service is sort of spotty at various points through the route. And I really hate when I’m in the middle of something and the app crashes because net connectivity is down temporarily. It annoys the hell out of me.

But I generally get home by 6:30PM, have some dinner, surf the blogs and then in bed at 9PM!

So that probably explains why there’s been a dearth of posts here lately.

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