Mass Shootings in the U.S.: 10 more people die at the hands of a madman with a gun

When will it end? I’ve recommended before three relatively light touch things we could do to curb gun sales and usage.

But now in 2015 we’ve made no progress.

We need to break the U.S. off of the gun culture. I say this as a gun owner myself. I’ve never fired on a person – only used the guns for target and trap shooting.

But I would like to see the following become federal law:

  1. Require several million dollar insurance  liability policies on the part of gun owners.
  2. Require a six weekend course on gun and weapon safety.
  3. Require all homes with guns have a gun lock/safe/etc.

And while we’re at it – we need a national psychological database that gets checked along with BCI and NCIC checks.  But then I know that would violate the spirit of HIPAA law among many other things. But what is more worthwhile, the violation of the spirit of a law or more dead people because guns are so easy to obtain?  And besides, wouldn’t it do society some good to know they live near a mentally unbalanced person?

4 thoughts on “Mass Shootings in the U.S.: 10 more people die at the hands of a madman with a gun

  1. Sadly, the reality is that Americans don’t really care. If it isn’t THEIR kid murdered at school, they don’t really care. If they cared, they would be pressuring their legislators and protesting in the streets.

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