Let the holiday traffic begin

So we had to jet down to Trader Joe’s again today. This entails going down I-95 southbound. Traffic in all lanes slowed to a stop just after Exit 14. Now when we’d left Providence I noted a RI State Trooper flying down the left lane, lights flashing and siren blaring.

When we finally get near the airport Exit 13 we see where he was going, two car accident, both cars in the ditch.

Then a bit further down the road  right near  exit 12B another except this time three cars involved, Warwick PD, fire engine and rescue are there.

So with the gawk factor you were sunk between Exits 14 and 12. It went from dead stop to 20MPH.

That’s when it hit me, I’ll be happy when the preponderance of autonomous vehicles are on the road. Why? Because the car won’t gawk at accidents and we can actually raise speed limits on highways as computers are much faster than we are at being able to sense traffic and conditions and take action.

Plus by it’s very nature it means fewer cops.


3 thoughts on “Let the holiday traffic begin

  1. I believe the bulk of traffic issues would be completely eradicated if people actually drove like they didn’t own the road and didn’t believe that they always have the right away. It is amazing how arrogant people are, willing to make choices that have negative consequences for so many others.

    1. Well yeah. I try to adhere to the one car length for every 10MPH speed. That way it’s easy for people to merge in. But it’s inevitable that some asshole wants to ride someones bumper.

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