Oh my – the boss is no more

So we got a cryptic meeting with the CEO and HR person this morning.The meeting was set for  1PM-2PM. Then postponed to 1:15PM.

We all (Dev and I.T.) file into the room. So it’s there they tell us the boss is departing the company as of beginning of June. My help desk guy and I had all we could do to keep from smiling at that news.

Later in the day I met with the boss – told him all the things I couldn’t say when he was my direct supervisor. He thanked me for much of what I told him. Even asked if I’d be a reference and I said sure.

I did tell him we knew the gig was up when he sent a LinkedIn request to the help desk guy. Was complemented by the other systems guy on our powers of good hunches and intuition were formidable.

Now the thing is I have this creeping feeling I’m responsible. I sand bagged the boss a couple of times.

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