RI Traffic Tribunal ban use of cell phones in cars.

Go and read this  link.

Now obligatory disclaimer. I know the Chief Magistrate William R. Guglietta. He and I both worked for Attorney General Sheldon Whitehouse back in the early 2000’s. Our nickname for him was Googs.

I recall when the new AG came in that Googs went over to the Traffic Tribunal. I went on to other pastures in state government.

There’s one point about the ruling that I have to question. I’ll have to call Googs on Monday and ask him. The question is, and I see this in a lot of cars – what about the dashboard cell phone brackets. It keeps the cell phone at eye level. I see this as allowing police a fishing expedition and it disturbs me. Enough that I’ll reach out the Chief Magistrate of the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal.



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