The Old and the New in Music

So I have two songs in my music library. First there’s Peter Brown with Do You Wanna Get Funky with Me from 1977. A pretty jamming little tune. And a definite four on the floor beat.

And recently with the whole debacle of what happened to C+C Music Factory an updated version circa 2010:


Like pretty much all music, it gets sampled, chopped up and recycled approximately every 30 years. I credit this to the artists involved having heard the original when they were young and deciding to stir it up a little. Same is true of DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince version of Summertime – it was originally done by Kool and the Gang back in the 1970’s. In that particular instance it only took 20 years.

Then of course I’ve posted about Bob James and how some of his music has been sampled in very current acts.

So what was once old is new again. Amazing isn’t it

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