One thing I hate about WP tags and categories

It’s that Christian asswipes tag their posts with Atheism and therefore pollute reader results on WordPress.

I don’t want to read your scriptures, and your admonishments to atheists. Look, the very name means I don’t believe in your puny little god. Let me put it this way, throughout the 300,000 or so of mans existence we’ve had numerous gods, ancestors etc. Not a one of them has done a damned thing for mankind.

Keep your Christianity tagged as such – not with Atheism because you’re not going to convert me based on hijacking the term atheist/ism. Sorry – not gonna happen. I realized long ago there’s no god, no devil, no nothing and spouting scripture at me won’t do it. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Now dry up and blow away.

3 thoughts on “One thing I hate about WP tags and categories

  1. They honestly believe it will lead some of us to their lawd n savor Jebus Chisty. Seriously, that’s why, it’s why I did the same annoying shit when I was writing my blog back when I was a minister.

    I agree though, it’s so annoying to have to skip through hundreds of theist articles to find the one or two posts by actual atheist bloggers.

  2. Read the post: What is Christianity?

    In it the blogger states…

    “No better than an atheist,
    a murderer, a Muslim, a rapist.
    No better than Hitler…”

    So in this person’s delusional mind…Atheist tops the list of evil beating out Murderers, Muslims, Rapists, and Hitler….wtf…

    Even I wasn’t that kooky….

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