Congrats to Senate elect Doug Jones

Alabama gets it right at last. Doug Jones beat that bigot and molester and disgraced Judge Roy Moore. This is good and I think a harbinger of things to come for the 2018 Elections.

The margin is about 2% – so Alabama is split down the middle Republican/Democrat. Interesting.



3 thoughts on “Congrats to Senate elect Doug Jones

  1. It was a nice little victory for the good guys when we need one. Alas, I fear it shan’t last. You can bet that the 2020 Republican candidate will be both thoroughly vetted AND funded. In any case, I wish him the best and hope he can make a difference.

  2. The Dems used busses to get people there, many busses. They must do better next time because the repubs will be on the move. hey, some of us always had it right. But, say the word “abortion” and the backwards folk go crazy against that person.

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