One thing in cooking I can’t stand

So someone saw a recipe for buttermilk biscuits. Let me say one thing I’ve discovered on my cooking journey it’s been precision in measurement. I cannot abide just scooping out an ingredient and eye balling it because that’s the way your grandmother did it.

This recipe calls for shortening – aka Crisco. Then cream that with buttermilk, add some self rising flour (Approx. 2 cups) and 3tsp baking powder. The recipe the woman in the video showed didn’t show any salt being used. Um, how do I explain this, salt is a flavor enhancer.

But give me a recipe with ingredients properly measured and we’re good.

3 thoughts on “One thing in cooking I can’t stand

  1. That kind of thing drives me crazy too. Mostly it happens with recipes that we’ve had handed down from family members who seem to think I should just somehow know what’s missing

  2. I watched my mom just throw this shit together also. I do for most everything too, but I’m not too picky. I’ll eat anything. Lol

  3. Where’s your Dunkirk spirit? I just throw everything together – and you know what a terrific chef I am – right?

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