The trouble with MD’s

Recently someone had to see a new MD regarding high blood pressure. I’m on the fence if I should identify this doctor because he’s the attending for a practice in the area.

One of the prime reasons that I as a general principle distrust MD’s is because I’ve caught them out with their what I term lies.

For example, someone was told by the doctor that carbs were ok because we need them for quick energy, that he could have a potato or rice. And that when the A1C number drops from 9 to 6.2 that you’re still diabetic, not pre-diabetic. It’s enough to make me angry and make me question the ability of doctors to consistently say the wrong fucking thing.

This doctor also said that eating one meal a day resets the metabolism and lowers it. Someone said if that that were the case, the Jews who were released from the Nazi concentration camps would look like Beluga Whales instead of the emaciated messes that they were.

This doctor also put him on medication for the high blood pressure. But here’s the thing, the doctor was dismissive of the other factors that can raise blood pressure, like lack of sleep, agitation, anxiety, dehydration etc. Even the Nurse Practitioner said dehydration can raise blood pressure. Couple it with a few of the other factors I mentioned and well you can see my concern.

This doctor had the temerity to say to put someone’s health care in the doctors hands. I’ll use the Latin for this one Ut Si.

Then of course there’s the persistent myth that fats are bad for us. That sugar is ok – so tell me why we’re seeing increased rates of Type II diabetes and still it seems as many heart attacks, strokes, etc. We were told a big fat lie by a doctor.

I note too doctors have become more pill pusher than anything else. I think we can blame that on the pharma industry. I mean lunches, trips all over creation, etc. Really?

Because we’ve been on a low/no carb/sugar diet and losing weight and seeing someones A1C drop lower and lower.

I suppose we’re both a doctors worst nightmare – informed patients.

6 thoughts on “The trouble with MD’s

  1. Just one point to be clear. You don’t mention if the A1C went down due to diet and exercise or from medications. If from medications then you would still be a diabetic. I am a diabetic. I was able the first time I was made aware of it, to lower my A1C by diet and my numbers dropped to pre-diabetic. However about 2 years later and my A1C had spiked to 12. So it was on to the meds I went. My A1C is now 6.8, and my doctor still fuss at me to try to lower it. It never ends. Hugs

      1. Then the person was still diabetic. Without the medication the A1C would have been higher, the medication was helping to lower it. Hugs

  2. It was great to see you posting again, but I was saddened to read your MD encounter was not a good one. A proper MD will listen; a proper doctor tries to stay on top of things. A proper doctor will work with a patient not tell him what to do/don’t question me.

  3. I don’t visit doctors too often, but I like to think my health is reasonably good at the moment. But the few times I do visit them, I am given the impression they rush everything, as if they have a certain number of clients to get through in the day. This means that I often find myself questioning their diagnosis, or whether they do their job properly at all.

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