On the weather

So I note that the northeast is experiencing record cold and ice storms. All I can do about it since relocating out of there is laugh about it.

Because it might be rainy here but temps are up to 70F – in February. Gads I love it.

One thing we were informed about – in some areas around Atlanta power goes out quite frequently – in fact a friend worked at an office in the Georgia Power building and power even went out there. And of course they have to send everyone home because without air conditioning offices become intolerable.

But the area has gotten ice storms and the mere hint of a possibility of an ice storm shuts everything down around here. I like that very much.

And as I always say I’d rather roast than freeze.

2 thoughts on “On the weather

  1. We aren’t quite so cold now. Temps were down around -37F here in Wisconsin, and three or four days later the temperature was almost +50. Now we’re under a winter storm warning for freezing rain and snow. Ah, Wisconsin weather!

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